We have a broad range of parcel packaging solutions that make it easy and convenient for you to send catalogues, books, files, calendars, DVDs, bottles of wine, spare parts for machinery, posters, printed materials, etc. Smartbox Pro ensures effective protection for your products. Holland Special Packaging is an exclusive supplier of Smartbox Pro.


All packaging solutions are available in various sizes, colours and quantities. It is also possible to arrange for the packaging to be printed, even in small volumes.

Our products

Postal Boxes

The ideal postal box that fits through the letterbox for optimum delivery convenience.

Pop-up fast assembly boxes

The ‘pop-up box’ that can be assembled quickly in one fluid motion. Upon receipt, it is easy to open without tearing.

Book wraps

Universal packaging for shipping books and other similarly shaped items.

Corrugated pockets

Offering optimal protection for catalogues, folders, calendars, DVDs and other items.


This postal box is certified (by DHL and UPS) as safe for shipping bottles (e.g. wine).

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