TIP – Check the names and addresses in your database.

And generate a higher response to your direct mailings.

It might sound unnecessary, but experience has shown that most address lists contain lots of mistakes – which is why you should spend time on checking the names and addresses in your database.

If you address a direct mailing incorrectly, there is a strong chance that it will never arrive. And if you get the recipient’s name wrong, it is almost guaranteed to end up being thrown away unopened. In the case of a business-to-business mailing, it is also worth checking whether the recipient is still employed at the company in question. If not, the mailing will often drift around the company for a while or even be discarded immediately.

So take the time to check the names and addresses in your database because, ultimately, a direct mailing has just one objective: a high response.

Tests have demonstrated that the use of a printed cardboard envelope from Holland Special Envelopes generates 4 times more response than a traditional paper one. A printed cardboard envelope particularly catches your target group’s attention when it lands on their doormat or desk.

Are you keen to generate more response to your direct mailings?

If so, contact us and ask for Niels Dekker. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to niels@hollandspecialpackaging.nl or call him direct on +31 (0)6 22 52 28 18.


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